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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
the main thing to remember is your weapons have to have AT LEAST 10% accuracy (20% would be better) and CrtD of +20 and at least 4% CrtH (critical chance).
If your weapons have any amount of the latter two, but no accuracy, they are useless. Because what's the point of being able to do critical damage if you can't hit your target?
So Advanced Fleet Weapons are out of question, or does their very high additional (dmg)x3 serve as a compensation?
Especially when shooting a longer time at a specific target does (acc)+(dmg)x3 more damage than (acc)x3 (plus the resulting criticals) for example?

I'm sorry to annoy you guys but i would hate to waste a huge amout of dilithium or EC, since i don't have much of both.
(well who does? lol)
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