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02-28-2013, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by radkip View Post
Uh, so don't? Seriously, dilithium is so easy to get in this game through PvE or PvP exclusive ways.

This will only strengthen the game. Instead of people just grinding dilithium, people will buy c-points to convert to dilithium, which means more money flowing into the pockets of Cryptic/PWE, which means more money that can (and will, I know this must be shocking) be spent on this game.

The way you're encouraging us to spend money leads me to believe you are a plant... EVERYONE should be able to enjoy this game without ever needing to spend a dime, thats what F2P is.

Saying we should welcome a change that is designed to enforce this point of view is dumb, DStahl was quoted somewhere as stating "If you're not having fun, whats the point?".

Well, you are sucking the fun out by making silly changes like this.

Yes, I could go play private pvp matches with my friends, with custom settings that allowed us to play in THE TIME WE HAVE AVAILABLE and I got dilithium and some fleet marks from it... SO EFFING WHAT?

Who was I hurting? Absolutely no one, except maybe Crptics/PWEs wallets.

I wasnt one of the douchenuggets starting new toons every 5 minutes to farm dilithium and the fact hadnt even crossed my mind until I saw it mentioned here.

For the 10 people "exploiting" the game there are probably 100 using it as designed by cryptic, and yes it was DESIGNED this way. If you hadnt put this in the game there wouldnt have been anything to figure out for those flat out exploiting this.

Stop pointing the finger at people saying "You are a horrible person for doing this", its a very crappy judgement in my opinion.
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