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Originally Posted by ashtaku View Post

I'm a little concerned that I may be encountering a bug with my mission. "The Tangled Webs We Weave" is currently at 24 reviews (so presumably even more actual playthroughs), and during testing the average playtime was about half an hour (more if you run down all the optional dialogue).

However, TTWWW isn't out of the "no rewards" doghouse yet. I'm concerned that there may be a problem with the mission that is causing it to fail the algorithmic quality control test (since I'm pretty sure it meets and exceeds the minimum length requirement).

Is there any way you can determine what is wrong with my mission? I don't want a programming error on my part to result in people who take the time to play my story going unrewarded for their effort and willingness to try a first-time author's mission.

Thanks again for organizing a great contest, by the way, I've already received a lot of excellent feedback that will really help me as an author... can't think of a better way to get started with the Foundry.
Mine is currently at 10 reviews, with most at 5 star. yay! In total 250 donations, woo!

I have a similar problem. I have a feeling it is due to the number of plays which will make it give rewards, but unsure to be honest.

As this is my first mission too, and submitting mission, I don't know how voting works completely - do reviews also count as votes (e.g. only 5 star reviews)? Or just the emails?

About the no reward, if reviews do count (IF), then this may make players not play and review missions or even give a bad rating as no rewards are given for their time, meaning mine and ashtaku and maybe others a slight disadvantage.

- EDIT -

It has just updated. Mine is now giving out rewards.

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