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02-28-2013, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
I am a engineer in a odyssey, and dont see any problem in doing probe duty + one side of the gate. The tricky part with the other side is to switch fast enough from targeting the probes to flying to the other side(of one gateway) and vice versa.

And I fly a Sci in a Fleet Reconnaissence Sci-ship. And have no problem doing this.
Sure anything is possible - you can bog the probes down in a Grav Well - or warp plasma

But on a normal basis - this stratagey is risky in a slow moving ship - and there are 5 players in the match.

Why would 1 person have to take the risk of letting a probe through so they can work the entire side? Does not make sense. There is no reason 1 player should have to work 1 whole side with 4 on the other.