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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
He's not suggesting JUST a rename. He's talking about eliminating their tanking ability, upping the turnrate, and making them DPS focused.

Effectively, delete all cruisers and replace them with cruiser-costumed escorts or at least destroyers.

It's not like Star Trek simply altered the classification of the Defiant to "Escort" rather than call it what it actually was: "Warship"

Even if you DO magically decided to derive the idea that cruisers should magically be changed to be 'DPS Focused' that accomplishes nothing. What exactly is 'DPS Focused' ?

Delete cruisers ? - The only difference ends up being how your ship looks.

Sure, I will go with that.
By your suggestion, I can now go and buy a Defiant then right-click change ship uniform to Dominion Dreadnaught.

I'm sure Cryptic would enjoy having their entire C-Store ruined because now they can only sell ship costumes the same way they sell uniforms. They cant play with the Universal Bridge Officer slots or different console abilities or even different hull types because all of that is now the same.

Since STO is supposedly DPS focused the simple solution is to make science,cruiser and escort able to do the same DPS in different ways.

Science are supposed to go through the debuff / control school of combat
Escorts are supposed to go through the pure high damage school of combat
Cruisers... the obvious gap they can fill is either making them proper tanks or turning them into group buffers via passives.

I.E Give the Cruisers abilities which help the entire team either as passives or as team based attack patterns. The Dominion Gamma Pattern Console demonstrates this is possible.

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