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02-28-2013, 03:59 PM
I have the J'HEC on my Engineer. I love the look of it, prior to it's release I actually ran the holo-emitter of it on few ships. Equipped with the MACO set, I tank an Elite Tac Cube for quite a while between the J'HEC's large number of Eng BOff spots (for an escort), solid hull, and my capt abilities. The turnrate is more on par with a Sci ship at 13, but far more than enough for PvE DHC usage. The single hangar is a nice goody, which I have loaded up with Elite Scorpions.

I really like the console that comes with it. The team buff to damage and get out of holds Fleet Maneuver Gamma gives is great, especially if you PuG a STF and end up with a team that's just a bit low on damage. I like it better than what I've seen of the J'Dread's console, with it being random as to what system can be knocked off-line. The two-piece set looks cooler when Fleet Maneuver Gamma is fired off, and the defense buff I'm sure is handy in some situations.

The only issue is thematic. I switched to Polaron and was intending to grab the Mk XII Jem set, until I tried the Mk XI Jem Deflector and Engines with Mk XII MACO shields and nearly got rolled at the opener cube and spheres of ISE... For survivability I need a Positron or MACO deflector, without it I end up with 48,751 hull instead of 51,522. Not sure if the Jem Mk XII shields would be capacitive enough to be worthwhile for the two-piece bonus when going with a Positron deflector.