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02-28-2013, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
No, you should respec your ship and if necessary your skills. Being not capable of doing this with one of the finest cruisers out there is... disappointing. One side while on probe duty shouldn't be a problem. There are enough builds out there which are capable of tanking while doing damage. One point is an all-beam setup.

If you cant do damage on the fleet excel, you wont do significantly more with a escort. Granted you will do more, but in comparison to a normal escort (with an eng-captain), it will be near nothing. I cant stand "Cruisers are up, escorts are op"-talk, because it simply isnt true. You can do damage with every kind of ship -even sci, its just a different road. While escorts do damage with their tac-skill, cruisers buff themselves with their engineering skills and support that with their tac-skills.
If I pushed my ship to the limit - yes then I should be "able" to do this. As a point and click mouse player it's harder. I don't like having to keep changing things up for the 1 STF - that I play per day.

Sure i could load her with cannons - CRF - or all beams with duals up front - constantly buffing and blasting and running around like a wild man - i can carry 2 duals up front - hit EPtw2, ATb2, ept, Nadion - Hit BO3 and those beams will cut through anything - i can dump weapons batterys and aux batteries like they were going out of style - i can use engine buffs and stuff to go faster.

The question is Why?? Why should i be doing the work of 2 or 3 players?