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02-28-2013, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by captan2er0 View Post
That's why I get up and go do something between commercials. Get food, pester my dog, etc. Gives me motivation to get up and move around. Having a pause button typically doesn't do me any good as I tend to like to watch things straight through without pausing.

Though on the topic of subliminal advertising, I reckon I'm unintentionally promoting the Freightliner Type C bus with my avatar and signature.
I like pause more because it means I can stop it as soon as I need a stretch, food, drink, etc. instead of having to wait. Commercials also tend to interupt at the worst possible poiints so I can even get up when things seem not as interesting and go grab something without even pausing. Tomorrow while waiting on shipments to come in, I have the Doctor Who, Tomb Of The Cyberman to sit and watch. I grabbed more ice cream and some kettle chips on the way home just so I've got munchies.

If I ever end up buying a school bus, I know exactly who to blame!