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Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post
"Depths of Nukara Prime"

(im aware of the spelling errors.. promise i'll go through it and fix them when rl stuff happens)

Would like some feedback on the caves...

a) Do you like them?
Yes, nice work, I was wondering how you manage to do them^^

b) Is the "how" you're there believable?
Overall it's fine, but why the Pods went through the planet surface to the cave, there are no holes ? I may have missed an explanation^^

c) Did you find the Thermonic Horta eggs?
I did^^

d) did you find a gap in the invisible walls, if so.. where? (please say no)
No, but I didn't make a thorough check.

As a side note, not sure if it was you or someone else (played several missions), but I think you kept calling the Iconians, Iconions. I like the pun (I C Onions), but it's still a spelling error

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