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02-28-2013, 04:36 PM
Completely support more options for the Intrepid because the abilities they have really don't work well. There's a delay before the armor is activated so you can literally be instakilled, it disables EVERYTHING so it's essentially useless. It's a science ship so it takes 4 forevers for a large enough stack of Sensor Analysis to stack (with only three abilities that affect the stacking of SA). These ships are gimped compared to the other ships out there. If the hull on the Nebula wasn't so good, that ship would be just as bad imo. SA really needs an improvement when it comes to using weapons that bypass shields on science ships overall.

Intrepid needs some love so do most of the science ships, and deflector abilities need to enhance the stacking of SA so defense isn't such a chore on these ships.

One of the major things I'd suggest is since it's well known that Voyager had two deflector dishes the cooldowns of deflector abilities on this ship should absolutely be cut in half easily.

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