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02-28-2013, 05:24 PM
I think I"m hoping to use the proc abilities to get under the sheilds till I get a disable etc.

This has +13.xx base crit bonus from items(Anyone think with specilization it wil hit 20 or 25% chance for torps with the base?). bonuses for hits bypassing the sheilds etc. then wait till I can drop the sheilds itself and drop them completely while holding or something. Kind of a stealth hunter. The lasers were for side/rear defense. I'll try it out. I was hoping I got enough procs to make it usefull and kind of fun to try to take someone down with.

I'll look into the plasmas. I think one of them can use the procs. I've looked but I can't remember. If anything it gives me options. I Know the back one can use it IIRC so it can also be for defense. I think thinking all around abilities. Not expecting to always get the plasma stuff off. That's more for final kills or sneak attacks. Plus they are nice and spammy.

And I kept atleast half ADV caitian fighters because of it's procs. I was hoping to combine them to help make stuff easier to kill.

theta radiatio is purely for if I"m being rear ended. I put a mix of things to slow and hurt if they got my rear. Hence the Transport ability also. Then I can warp behind and hurt them.

And I need all the listed Efficiency to get 125 sheilds and get the bonus buff to defence types. If that doesn't work I'll need to rework it. It's like 125.65 or something if I found the information to calculate it correctly.

I should have 125(100) sheilds, 93(50) aux, 68.xx(25) weapons/engines. And atleast 15.xx base crit with just over or under 100% crit severity. The crit chance will go up with whatever else the Specialization adds which I'm very curious about. I'm assuming the main crit window doesn't show it because it is not blanket to all attacks.

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