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*Voporak is in his full M.A.C.O. armor, which includes a grenade satchel, two pistols, many shotgun rounds, and of course Voporak's specially made shotgun. There are 24 others in M.A.C.O. suits, each with grenades, a pistol, an energy based battle rifle, a full auto machine gun, and thousands of rounds. The suits are connected with a closed comm channel and are equipped with atmosphere generators. They are in the mess hall, where Voporak gives the mission briefing*

Voporak: We will be boarding the cylinder shortly, once this ship has made it inside (he does not tell them that they're going to make it or die trying). We will then beam over and split up into groups. Team Alpha (the group that includes Voporak) will search for and rescue a captured officer being held here (that's Sam). Teams Delta and Omega will locate the viniculum and disable shields and any defenses. Teams Beta and Gamma will attempt to disable any critical systems you can. Once the viniculum shielding has been removed, Beta and Gamma will beam off. After Alpha has rescued the officer, we will join Delta and Omega at the viniculum. *he pauses for a moment* However, if Delta and Omega succeed before Alpha has completed the rescue, we must move on. Alpha, Delta, and Omega will leave grenades and the spatial charges in the viniculum room with a ten second delay and we will beam off.

You will shoot on sight any individual that is not this person *he displays an image of Sam on the helmet HUDs* or a member of the boarding party. After we have beamed back, the ship weapons crew will take over. Prepare for boarding.

*The teams move to the transporter rooms, awaiting the order to step onto the transporter pads*

OOC: Hopefully I will be back tomorrow around 4:00 PM EST to board the ship. This'll be fun.
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YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.

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