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02-28-2013, 06:34 PM
Speaking as an avid lover of kinetic weapons, the Atrox is NOT a torpedo boat. Beams are ideal due to science ships getting subsystem targetting, but turrets can work fine as well. Chroniton mines will work for anything that gets too close.

For an Atrox I would suggest either focusing on speccing towards 'zone control'(grav well, tractor/repulsor beams, etc.) or healing/buffing others. It can work decently for a boss lockdown ship as well, but keeping and managing your distance is very important when you're that big and cumbersome.

Either the borg or romulan weapon set can work nicely on it(romulan being the better of the two due to the beam array and persistant tracking nature of the torps), but I suggest only trying to fit one of them, not both.

Console-wise, K.eep I.t S.imple, S.tupid. Resistance plates for engineering, shield regen(science ships have an innately high cap)/skill boosting science console.

Power-wise, I would advise priority to AUX over anything else. Emergency power to shields will power your shields while providing a great boost to the many science skills you'll be using. If you really want an 'attack mode', there's always aux2bat.