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Tal simply waits now. He sits in his runabout sized ships lone cabin. He again let's his mind wander. He again walks through the fields of his homeworld. The blue grass and the three suns burning brightly. The war had yet to begin. He was still young. Only 250 he hadn't been assigned to any post or position yet so he took his time to explore. Enjoying all the wonders of their world. He had hers rumors of a battle on the outer worlds but those where just. Rumors his parents had said. But he had heard that the a rising military figure the Diadact had left the core worlds and was headed out near them. He ended up spending the day out there. He remembers it all as if it was yesterday. His parents had gone back to the core. He was alone and had decides to camp out in the wilderness. And suddenly the sky had grown dark as ships filled the sky. They where not shedai of nature. They where as impossible as it sounded iconian.

Ooc: I am kinda back stepping here to give a few.of the iconian shedai war since we have eluded to it alittle bit and have shown they both dont like each other.

He started running to the city. He sees iconian forces transporting down. He arrives at there home as he runs to the comm pannel.
is parents do not respond as he leaves a brief message. He readies himself as he hears the fighting get closer. He like all warrior cast shedai does not need energy weapons. He can use his own body to create energy and discharge it from his hands.

Ooc : will post the rest after work.