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02-28-2013, 06:52 PM
In "real" Star Trek cruisers weren't just supporters for other ships, it was quite the opposite. Not that i would want them to become OP, but i would love to seen them being more like escorts.
I think Cryptics decision to make every ship being able to heal itself and thus more independent was a good step to make STO a more Star Trek like game. Before that ships where too much trapped in their standard MMO roles, which was completely out of place for a Star trek game.

To continue this process, i think both Escorts and Cruisers should be much more alike, when it comes to Firepower and durability. The big difference should be the way they archieve that.
Escorts should get their defense by moving fast and buffing themselves a bit, Cruisers by healing and buffing themselves. They are already pretty close when it comes to durability, but i think Firepower is what especially Starfleet cruisers need.

When it comes to firepower i think the difference between Escorts and Cruiser should be how they deliver it.
Cruisers should get some kind of bonus for using Beam Weapons like less energy drain or something like that.
Additionally i think there should be a couple of additional low level engineering powers, like a more narrowed Fire at Will power maybe 120 or 180 degrees fireing arc to the ships side. So a cruiser could do some AOE damage without getting the attention of every NPC ship around.
I could also imagine something like a Beam Array Rapid fire power to fight single enemies.
All ships could maybe get an built in "combine all beam weapons to one shot" power, which would work like an on/off switch and would just be cosmetical. I always though that battles in STO look much to arcade like.
An other possibility could be to incease cruisers maximum power to a subsystem from 125 to 150 while increasing its total power about ~150.

The funny thing is, Cryptic made Klingon Cruisers much better than Starfleet Cruisers and Starfleet Escorts much better than Klingon escorts, while it should be the other way round IMO.

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