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02-28-2013, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
The same reason that the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser-R has its improved Transwarp drive - they're both integral parts of the ship in question, not console abilities, and you pay for them. There's a reason that both the Fleet B'rel-R and the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser-R cost 5 Fleet modules instead of the usual 4.

Thats not a reason thats a lame excuse. There should be a valid reason for the b'rel to still be sold in the cstore. I don't care about the fed ship, thats the fed player's problem.

When a cstore tier 5 ship becomes a fleet ship one should be able to transfer the bonus console to the fleet ship and have the ability ONLY if you bought the cstore version.

This is how it needs to be done. Adding the console to the cstore b'rel is neither hard to do nor unbalancing. But it will keep the cstore b'rel as a good buy option as well as keep the fleet b'rel as a great purchase option for both cstore version owners and non-cstore purchase owners.

The console I request makes the enhanced cloak shine. No cstore b'rel? you dont get that in the fleet b'rel but you get the enhanced cloak at least.