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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Thats not a reason thats a lame excuse. There should be a valid reason for the b'rel to still be sold in the cstore. I don't care about the fed ship, thats the fed player's problem.

When a cstore tier 5 ship becomes a fleet ship one should be able to transfer the bonus console to the fleet ship and have the ability ONLY if you bought the cstore version.

This is how it needs to be done. Adding the console to the cstore b'rel is neither hard to do nor unbalancing. But it will keep the cstore b'rel as a good buy option as well as keep the fleet b'rel as a great purchase option for both cstore version owners and non-cstore purchase owners.

The console I request makes the enhanced cloak shine. No cstore b'rel? you dont get that in the fleet b'rel but you get the enhanced cloak at least.
I think you misunderstand. The B'rel has no console on the c-store version so what you are proposing is to make the fleet one have to use a console to get to use it. As it stands right now the only difference in a C-Store B'rel and a Fleet B'rel is the hull, shields, and console bonus. What the person you quoted was stating is that both the excelsior and the b'rel have those extra module because of the bonus that they come with *WITHOUT* needing a console.

I would say though if shields or shield tanking wasn't an issue in this game the B'rel would be nice to use all the time for pve or pvp but it really only shines in pvp is when you have a group who focus targets and fires thousands of torpedoes hoping you can get some of them to pass through the shields with the omega tier 4 passive.

What it really needs is something to help it with shield penetration instead of a 5% chance out of thousands of torps. I would say let it be a special photon for the KDF in the D-store so you could run a setup where you could run a cannon mode when fully decloaked and also in a build setup a bomber. Which I've been trying to get Cryptic to do for years but they always take the word of the troll over an actual KDF player when it comes to this ship.

Pretty much what I would recommend Cryptic doing is until this ship some day becomes viable... make it a tier 1 shipyard ship even though its not even worth that in its present condition when it comes to using the special cloak that costs an extra module.

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