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02-28-2013, 07:27 PM
I read most of the build idea. Honestly, way too much novelty stuff going on there. What I suggest is...

For consoles, at least Mk XI Blue.
Eng Consoles: Borg Console + 2 Neutronium Alloy
Sci Consoles: Either Field Generators -or- Flow Capacitors (maybe -/+ threat)
Tac Consoles: Tetryon Pulse Generators

Fore: 3x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array (from New Link mission)
Rear: 2x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array + Kinetic Cutting Beam.

I recommend no torps. The Atrox only has 3/3 weapon slots and can deal more damage broadside with these beams than forward weapons, especially considering turn rate.

You might say, derp! Mk XI blue weapons from a mission? Well, they actually do more than the fleet versions, if you count shield damage. Polarized Tetryon weapons have 4x the proc rate of other tetryon weapons. I get ~700 shield damage per facing shield when it procs. That ends up being a bit under 3k shield damage total at a 10% rate x 5 weapons. The kinetic cutting beam helps vs hull, plus the bonus from the 2 part set with the borg console is very nice.

I suggest Omega space set. I know, it's not the best for tanking, but it does have Tetryon Glider from the 2 part of the set. Also, energy wake supposedly increases your turn rate when you are hit with energy weapons. Tetryon glider adds extra shield damage. It adds between 50-100 something extra -per hit- with energy weapons.

The Atrox has an awesome bonus to it, Advanced Stalker Fighters! They use tetryon, which helps with shield damage, but they also have Antiproton Sweep, which is an AoE that reduces enemy shields.

Here's the neat thing. Flow Capacitors! They increase the shield damage bonus from the Tetryon proc. They also increase the amount of shield damage bonus from the Omega set. It also increases the power of things like Energy Siphon, which is nice to increase your power levels -and- of course, Tachyon Beam and Subsystem Targeting drain.

The Atrox is uniquely set up for massive shield neutralization. It may not sound glorious, but when Tac Cubes lose shields in a matter of seconds, it helps -everyone- there do a lot more damage. Comparing the DPS from the Polarized Tetryon beams to Fleet ones, the Fleet version was ~10% more dps. Having 4x the shield proc more than pays off imo.

You may only be getting in the lower 700 dps ranges for the beam's direct damage, but it is very noticeable to the group when enemy ships have no shields after a matter of seconds.

I know your goal was some sort of torp build, but it really does not work well, especially with 3 weapon slots. I tried all sorts of combinations with cruisers(4 slots) and torps, but it never paid off. The goal of having crazy shield power and being a super tank still needs some work I'm afraid. Just keep a Reverse Shield Polarity/Tac Team ready in case you get overwhelmed. That should buy you the time to switch to shield power and use Evasive maneuvers to zoom zoom away. This build works quite well in Hive. This setup has proved capable of doing the other roles in STF missions too. Adv Stalker Fighters add a nice bit of damage, even if your ship itself isn't the highest around, the total is enough.