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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Those interactions are already fairly well weighted.

For this mission, I free freighters, then (usually the last to arrive) immediately set about repairing facilities. I rarely engage at all in phase 2 unless I'm attacked by something the group missed.

In half of missions I get 6 repairs or more. I have never finished below 2nd in these cases. In the other half I get 3-5, and usually get 2nd, occasionally 3rd. I have gotten 1st with as few as 4 repairs and a few kills in phase 2.

Same strategy I worked out originally on Big Dig, where I've finished 1st without a weapon equipped just to prove a point. Not nearly as effective, but good enough that I'm comfortable saying there's no need to fix the mission because some people want to complete some hypothetical alternate set of objectives.
I dont need a walkthrough nor I have trouble getting 1st place. What I am talking about is a mission that is "corrupt" in itself, in its own purpose.

You dont play to have a good time with your teammates, you play to win and take advantage over the other players, and the more obstacles you put on them, the better reward you get. It is not something I would like my kids to learn, nor is something I like doing. I would say it is even miserable.

Not exactly the "Star Trek" spirit kind of mission.

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