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# 1630 Puny Humans!
02-28-2013, 09:51 PM
There I was....


Pugged in and said 'HI' as usual.

Someone says 'I have the Kang.'

I thought 'Yea, you mean 4 of you have the Kang. LOL'

I fly to the right cube and a Klink follows.

Three go to the Kang.

The Klink and I clear the first group of nodes and are working on the Cube.

Optional fails.

I say, 'Your kidding right? What do we have at the Kang, a bunch of Rainbows?'

The Klink says "Puny Humans!"

The guy who said he would protect the Kang calls us all Noobes and that we should have all been at the Kang.

I check him out, under 2000 accolade and Skittles.

I check out the other two at the Kang, sure enough, Rainbow/Technicolor beams.

The Klink and I finish off the second cube.

One guy is now off in LaLa Land collecting goodies.

The Klink and I work on the third cube while a Rainbow/Technicolor boat works on the spawn.

The Guy that thought he could watch the Kang in now off in LaLa land.

The Carrier shows up and there's just three of us working on it while the two in LaLa land are calling us Noobes.

Carrier Dies, it's over.

I say "lose the rainbows losers."

I don't very often use such language but it fit.