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02-28-2013, 11:39 PM
tl:dr; all of thread.

From memory, in a Priority One interview Al Rivera described warp cores as this:

- They're a stretch goal that he'd like to get into the game if they've time to do it (along with a single armor slot and current engy armour console get re-purposed to do other things, but the armour thing is a LOT more complicated than the warp drive thing)
- Getting warp cores implemented will be somewhat easy to do
- It'll be another equipment slot like your defelctor, engine, etc have
- They'll likely make parts of a 4 piece set (KHG, MACO etc)
- They'd primarily effect sector space speeds and turn rates
- They'd also effect transwarp drive abilites. Like the fed C-store ship with transwarp computer console thing would turn into a special slottable MKXII purple warp core engine
- They'd have bearing on sub system power level bonuses. Like how some ships now have innate 10+ to weapons and +5 to engines for example, Those power boosts would be instead integrated into the warp core you slot instead.

That's about all I can remember from the interview.
Will be interesting and fun if/when it happens.
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