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02-28-2013, 11:48 PM
Wow, I didn't think it'd been this long since I'd posted in this thread. Sorry about the necro, mods.

So, with the release of the Fleet Ambassador, I decided to really focus on getting the ECs for this thing, and I finally managed to get enough earlier and bought it.

Now, here's my build:


Prototype Reman Deflector
Romulan Shields and Engines (only need 250 RMs to finish the Romulan Deflector)

Fore weapons:

Experimental Beam Array, 2 Plasma Beam Arrays Mk XI CrtD, Romulan Plasma torp


3 Plasma Beam Arrays Mk XI CrtD, Kinetic Cutting Beam

(The el-cheapo plasma beam arrays are just there for filler until I can afford Romulan Beam Arrays)


Engineering: 1 Neutronium Mk XI rare, Tachyokinetic Converter, Borg consoles, Zero-point console
Tac: 3 Plasma Infusers Mk XI rare
Sci: 3 Emitter Array Mk XI rare

(I went with Emitter Arrays because I had them already. I'll switch them to some other console if there's a better choice, especially if I can get it in Embassy-console form. Also, yes I know I am a bit squishy by running 3 universal consoles. And also if anyone wants to donate EC for better Plasma Infusers or donate better ones, that'd be much appreciated. )

BOFF layout:

Cmdr Engineer: E-power to shields 1, RSP 1, E-power to shields 3, Aux to SIF 3
Lt Cmdr Sci: HE 1, Tractor Beam 2, VM 1
Lt. Universal: Sci Team 1, TSS 2 (this is actually the Reman BOFF)
Lt. Tac: TT 1, FAW 2
Ensign Tac: TT 1

(I also have a sci BOFF with MES 1 and TSS 2 to keep with the theme and have a 'cloak' on the ship. Aside from that, I'll probably stick with VM 1 over PSW 1, because I have the DOFFs for VM and get more usage out of it as such. I do know that having PSW 1 and Nadeon is a good combo though)


2 Systems Engineers (one to make VM affect multiple systems, one to spread it to other targets. I'd love to have another DOFF to make it spread more often though they are rather pricy)

I also bought the DS9 bundle long ago when it first came out, so I have the Romulan DOFF that gives 15 aux while cloaked, and I'll probably use that when I choose to use the MES.

On top of that, I'll be looking at getting all Romulan BOFFs for this ship (all with the same skills as above, or with any alterations you all might recommend), in order to buff my crits and also my MES cloak, and the fact that they're Romulans. that I've made it a bit more real, I'd enjoy having constructive criticisms on this. I haven't tested this out in PvP yet, but I plan on it when I consider the build to be done.