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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
tl:dr; all of thread.

From memory, in a Priority One interview Al Rivera described warp cores as this:

- They're a stretch goal that he'd like to get into the game if they've time to do it (along with a single armor slot and current engy armour console get re-purposed to do other things, but the armour thing is a LOT more complicated than the warp drive thing)
- Getting warp cores implemented will be somewhat easy to do
- It'll be another equipment slot like your defelctor, engine, etc have
- They'll likely make parts of a 4 piece set (KHG, MACO etc)
- They'd primarily effect sector space speeds and turn rates
- They'd also effect transwarp drive abilites. Like the fed C-store ship with transwarp computer console thing would turn into a special slottable MKXII purple warp core engine
- They'd have bearing on sub system power level bonuses. Like how some ships now have innate 10+ to weapons and +5 to engines for example, Those power boosts would be instead integrated into the warp core you slot instead.
Yeah, bet players are going to be happy having to go back to grinding another 1000 Omega Reputation for that fourth STF set piece.

But I really hope that it's not just going to be like existing pieces and be nothing but a flat stat boost, I like to see some function with the warp core. Like some ships have a larger bonus (like the Galaxy has a huge warp core), or some ships might start degrading in performance if you push it too hard.

Something like that.