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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
If I pushed my ship to the limit - yes then I should be "able" to do this. As a point and click mouse player it's harder. I don't like having to keep changing things up for the 1 STF - that I play per day.

Sure i could load her with cannons - CRF - or all beams with duals up front - constantly buffing and blasting and running around like a wild man - i can carry 2 duals up front - hit EPtw2, ATb2, ept, Nadion - Hit BO3 and those beams will cut through anything - i can dump weapons batterys and aux batteries like they were going out of style - i can use engine buffs and stuff to go faster.

The question is Why?? Why should i be doing the work of 2 or 3 players?
it is not the work of 2-3 players. it is your job, to do your best, and you are clearly not even trying. at this point you are even the one that has to be carried. someone who actually tries hard, will have a harder time, if he gets less support. this is not a solo game, and by this attitude, you are making this topic (and this kind of off topic) possible.
also it is not the work of other players, as you are doing yourself a favor by doing that, as the game will be faster and smoother, if you are doing well. but the problem is that I have to try and explain this, lol

I mean I out dps most escorts in my vesta in any pug, and I dont even need dhcs for that (hell, I am testing a beam build, that only in the initial tests with base consoles and equpment deals 9k dps, which most escorts never even reached). do I complain that I have to carry other people. yes ofc I do, because if a sci in a sci ship can do better than a tac in an escort, there is a problem, and I doubt that it is in my approach to do the things, how they should be done