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03-01-2013, 12:49 AM
As tal sits in the cabin to figures appear. One he recognizes instantly. As he jumps to attention.

Tal: diadact!!

Diadact: I am not really here commander merly to give you a message. Me and my wife.

Second figure: I am the shedai known as the librarian. We come with a mesaagr. And a quest for you to complete in your eons to follow. Know this you will survive this battle but the galaxy will be hurt.

Diadact : you have earned your shedai warrior title. Reclaimer. For you will be the one to reclaim all that our race has lost. And teach the people here how to use it.

Librarian: to help you on your journey we have prepared tools. One is this key hands him metallic devices. It will show you the loction of all our technology.

Diadact : you must also defend what is stored there. It will teach you how to fully use the powers inside you.

Librarian: remember why this is being given to you. Not for revenge or your own agenda. But to help this galaxy forward. Good luck reclaimer.

As the librarian leaves the Diadact remains a moment.
Diadact: do not be angry with preston. He did what i had taught him to do. I had been foolish not to watch him more closely. He still needs your help and support. W

Tal: I will do as you wish as I always have.

Diadact waves his hand transforming tals armor. Changing it into much like the diadacts own. As he starts to vanish

Diadact: the boy tal is gone. Now the shedai reclaimer is here . Do what you know is right.

He blinks and everything is as it was. He looks around and sees he is holding.the two piece key. And he look at his new armor. Nearly 3 times more powerful then before. It's black and red outlines are now all that those he is around will see. He now is ready to stop any threat.