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03-01-2013, 02:10 AM
I think that cruisers have some problems to be competitive in the game, as they are supposed to be tanks by all means, with decent dps to catch aggro, and have some "unique" skill to catch even more aggro or lower allies aggro, as all games in history have for tanks.
The fact by now is that you can have a good dps cruiser with low survivability, or a medium-low dps cruiser with very high survivability, and with some builds as a romulan plasma based build in a tac toon, you can have your dps significantly increased by losing small survivability (for not being an engineer).
In my case i have this type of build on my fleet star cruiser, and i am very pleased of it, because i can catch aggro for a some time, do decent damage holding for so long on STF's, only dying 1 time every 10 STF's aprox., and providing some support to escorts on my team also.
What is the problem then? This strategy wipes out on any other energy type, and for pvp (i'm not interested in the boring pvp this game has by now, but is a fact) the damage output is reduced considerably as many people have more resistance to plasma than any other energy type, and if you replace the damage lose with other ways, then the cruiser loses its main utility: tanking (= holding damage and attention from multiple enemies without problems allowing the other teammates to freely attack the enemy (dps) or having you alive (healers)).

So, in conclusion, i think the only thing cruisers need is 1 or 2 changes to make them different, and as a tank lover and expert on every game i play, in my point of view this can be made by 2 ways:
1- increasing maximum cruiser energy to 300, what seems acceptable considering the big cores they have. This also needs small modifications of the maximum energy per system, of course, but nothing very difficult to make and understand. Increasing also the maximum weapon slots on 1 per side would also allow even better performance and adaptation to the new maximum energy output, but not completely necessary.
2- Modifying (reducing) the energy drain of beam arrays and increasing maximum weapon slots in 2 in front and 1 rear. On this case i think both parts go together to properly do the job. The only bad thing this have is making the energy reduction in a way escorts cannot benefit from it, or we will be again at the beginning with different numbers and weapons.

Both 2 ways should be fair to make cruisers good tanks, and if the teaming for group missions is also designed by roles, we should see a very different STO much more attractive and varied, because by now, as anyone knows, escorts (with some tanking capabilities some of them) are ruling the game, making it boring and out of its essence.

Have a good day