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If I pushed my ship to the limit - yes then I should be "able" to do this. As a point and click mouse player it's harder. I don't like having to keep changing things up for the 1 STF - that I play per day.

Sure i could load her with cannons - CRF - or all beams with duals up front - constantly buffing and blasting and running around like a wild man - i can carry 2 duals up front - hit EPtw2, ATb2, ept, Nadion - Hit BO3 and those beams will cut through anything - i can dump weapons batterys and aux batteries like they were going out of style - i can use engine buffs and stuff to go faster.

The question is Why?? Why should i be doing the work of 2 or 3 players?
If someone would ask me, why I do this, my answer would be: Because I can
Its just a matter of what you want to be, someone people can rely on, or someone who has to rely on others.

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