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03-01-2013, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by cha0s1428 View Post
Hahahahaha. Oh man that's funny.

Universla slots, much higher turn, most can use cannons.....

Higher turn rate effectively becomes higher damage. With Fed cruisers being either 6, 7, or 8 at best, we are stuck wiith beams. Anyone with a resist shield knows how little of a threat those are. Or we can get a single cannon/turret or all turret build, but since most cruisers can't reliably cycle CRF while having any other tac abilities, cruisers have been reduced to nothing. Protect the support the escorts....I'm tired of the entire game being centered around escorts. Yes I did cave and get one, sure. I just hate having the Regent and the Excel in the mothball fleet because my fleet patrol escort with all human boffs can tank just as well. I spent almost a year trying to find a viable pvp fed cruiser build.

The only conclussion Ican come to is that Fed cruisers are a joke.
And which Klingon cruisers with universal slots would that be?