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03-01-2013, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
They should redo the way aggro works in this game so escorts aren't always tanking, first.

Cruisers just don't have the tools they need to manage aggro. Escorts need to be able to take a beating, or Escort pilots will either stop fighting as hard, or will be constantly staring at 30- and 60-second respawn timers (in both cases, hampering the progress of groups).
This is something I noted awhile back.

Overall, I think what's needed is:

Escorts need to be far less tank-y.

Cruisers need to be more tanky. (And the turnrate is still painful. As in my first gets cramps turning them.)

Aggro needs to make sense. Right now, it doesn't.

This probably needs to be accomplished in a way that doesn't wind up making escorts non-viable in solo content, which is the risk with these changes.