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# 20 Cruiser type DPS
03-01-2013, 03:24 AM
The need is to give Cruisers their own version of DPS. The obvious solution is to have beam weapons stack DPS when multiple beams strike the target and maintain DPS over a greater distance than Escorts.

Escorts will retain their DPS advantage with higher damage in a shorter amount of time, but the gap would shrink so that DPS is not the only key to victory, since Cruisers would also have tank ability (which probably needs boosting for Cruisers)

Science ship would also get a similar advantage from beams and also have the sci disruption/AoE capabilities to boost damage effect.

Bottom line, Star Trek is a combination of ships so they all need to be part of the game (Cruisers, Science Frigate, and Escorts); STO just need to bring back the balance, especially before trying to revamp PvP.