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Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
I've been in the class with Naz a few times and I really enjoy listening to his lessons. I agree with what he said, and think as a student myself a simple match, with some constructive feedback can go a long way.

The other think I thing to consider is that if you stick 2 cruisers in a match together....

What I would do, is set up a match, and split up the teams into their own TS channel. Give them each 5 min to discuss strategy as a team. The coaches should just listen and provide some small feedback, but at this point all us students should have a good idea of what needs to happen. Then start the match, and see how some basic preparation based on the previous sessions works with the students.

Once the match is complete the coaches can provide some feedback on each member of the team. One thing I liked in Naz's last session is he asked us what we think we did right, and what we did wrong, and provided feedback for us to think about.

Really if the teams are balanced enough and each member takes into account the lessons of the previous sessions, no one side should get totally steam rolled, and a good fight should be plenty.

Anyway just a student's suggestions here...
I think giving the students the chance to come up with a team is a good exercise in itself for the last session.

This would also greatly help with getting many students through the last session in a timely fashion.

For more advanced students its time to be the target caller. All in all i like the picture you paint here.
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