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03-01-2013, 05:31 AM
Originally Posted by ironmako View Post
Getting it for one month does sound worth it. Is there a full list of the stuff you get from a subscription?
this is the stuff you get to keep without restriction when going back to "silver":

- 500 Zen
- respec tokens for every time you rank up while you are subscribed.
- 30 inventory slots*
- 4 Boff slots*
- 2 ship slots*
- 60 bank slots*
- 20-slot account bank

*values for level 50 characters. I don't know if you'll still get those if you have unlocked the maximum number of slots through the c-store already.

restrictions apply for the following:

- temporary EC cap increase.

this will only be increased while you are subscribed. If you go silver and haven't unlocked the EC cap increase through the c-store, you'll go back to the 10 million limit. You will keep and still be able to use ECs you have stored above the cap, but you'll only be able to earn more after dropping back below 10 million again.

- 1 character slot.

similar to the EC cap increase. They'll take it away after you go back to silver, but you get to keep and play the character you created on that slot after the sub runs out. Afterwards, it also counts against any character slots you might purchase from the c-store.