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03-01-2013, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
I just left a 2stars rating on someone else mission. Honestly it was worth 1star, but he put some work in it. I already felt bad for ranking his mission. But if I give high rating to people who deserve it, I need also to give low rating for those who deserve them. That's fair, and honest. Also, my rating mean something, I don't distribute 4stars rating around. But yeah, I don't like it.
If the low rating are private only, what's the point in rating ?

I could have sent a PM to him, but what's the point ? So he could tell me he worked hard ? I already know that. I already feel bad.

If he have questions about the rating, I'll answer him.

BTW, when you release a mission, as with any "public" work, you expose it. It may have negative review. I'm prepared for it each time I release a mission, and hope it won't happen.
My point was maybe there should be an option of postponing your review score and allowing you to enter a dialogue with the creator first.

In all honesty though I think an excellent way to not only improve foundry content and help new authors is to have a beta testing pool, whereby new projects don't go into the wild before volunteer episode testers have a chance to look over them. Ultimately of course the pool itself is voluntary an author can chose to make his work completely public at any time. However this kind of pre-public offering would really help new authors out a lot I think and protect them from being exposed, I also think it would be useful for veteran authors who want to be able to get others to playtest their episode before publishing it, this would ensure many more missions reach the wild in a polished state.