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03-01-2013, 06:21 AM
Here is the math behind how the lever penalty works and why you should take a lever penalty instead of trying to complete an elite run because someone was retarded in the STF. I will use ISE as an example, and assume that some monkey blew a gennie early and screwed everything up for everyone.

Not leaving
-30-40 minute completion time because you have probes, probes, and more probes + 60 minutes to have ISE reloaded for the next run
-If I use a low estimate the math is 30+60=90 minutes or as high as 40+60=100 minutes

-2 minutes to find out if your mission is borked + 60 minutes of lever penalty
-Math wise this comes to 2+60=62 minutes till next ISE

Mission that worked
-10 minute completion on average +60 minutes to load next ISE
-Math wise that is 10+60=70

So from a purely mathematical perspective it is not feasible to stay. The average run in an ISE with people that are not mentally challenged is 70 minutes till next ISE. If you stay you are going back into an ISE in 90 - 100 minutes. If you leave after Dippy Doolittle blows the mission you are back in at 62 minutes.

Now this is just off of an ISE. Similar mathematics can be figured on the other space STFs for example and it will all spell out the same thing. If you have failed the optional in the first few minutes, it takes less time to thank the guy for being an idiot and leave and wait for the next run, than it does to complete it and wait for the next run. Plus you also experience less stress and generally enjoy life a bit better.

My thoughts are that there should be a rather nastier lever in place in that if X number of optionals are missed from ANY of the STFs you are doing within a 24 hour period till your counter resets, that you should be banned from ALL of the runs for a 24 hour period. Now I know people will start flaming on that one. But if you step back and think about it just for one second. If the idiot that is screwing these up keeps getting nailed with 24 hour levers because he is dumb, then maybe he will finally take a clue off of the clue tree and figure out how to do elites so he doesn't keep getting put in the penalty box for those extended periods. Means people have to be a hell of a lot more careful and tactics become a massive factor so people don't get screwed.

The other option to control the aspect of why we would need to lever ourselves, is remove the optionals completely and utterly. Have them as an actual objective of the mission instead of an optional failable component, and if that objective fails the whole mission fails period end of list. So if dough head wants his omega tokens, he had better start learning to play or in the case of ISE the mission is done in 2 minutes and no need to leave the mission cause everyone has lost anyway.

Two ways to control the lever is here and takes care of the source of the grief by actually punishing people too dumb and/or lazy to open up a browser window and look the run up in youtube. I personally don't leave because I am being a Troll, I leave because some ding bat has screwed up the STF because he doesn't know how to play. Punish people that don't know how to do the mission, and people wont be leaving in the middle because the optional is done. Or remove the optional and it is a cut and dry fail or pass. From a mathematics perspective, there is no reason to stay as soon as the optional is in the red. Faster to get out and wait to get back in because at the end of the day I will get back into the above ISE faster by levering than you will by trying to complete it, and I will not have the risk of a stroke or heart failure due to stress in the process because one of our PUG team mates should be force sterilized to prevent him from polluting the gene pool.