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03-01-2013, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by wirtdd View Post
Really? I mean, there is a thread asking why ppl is still playing kdf, I would ask: why, in the name of the holy cat, would u want to make a full transition to a forgotten faction that has been neglected for so long. U really need to read the forums more often.
People do what they feel like and what makes them have fun. Why is that concept so strange to understand?

Originally Posted by azrahiel View Post
Hello, I'm coming back to STO after some time and I wanted to start this time on KDF side I have some questions.

Does the KDF side have anything interesting to do endgame? PVE wise? I'm mostly thinking ship flying. I have Fed char but never got to max lvl. And I must say I'm switching because of the KDF ships looks, I never got into ST lore.

Appreciate any answers.
Well, if endgame is what you're talking about - the KDF doesn't actually lack anything at end game. We have less leveling content, less uniform options and less ships (which even so are quite cool I must say), but the KDF has access to the end-game content same as the Fed.
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