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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Fleet Consitition...I hope it does not happen, because in the twist logic of Cryptic, it would end up as better ship than Galaxy.

However I could imagine a Fleet Exeter, but something more like destroyer, then a Cruiser.
It wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Rivera would create an Constitution with higher Tactical BOFF and more Tactical Consoles than a Galaxy, capable of using DCs and DHCs, lol.

Believe it or not i could imagine a ship similar to the Exeter as a Destroyer, but the Constitution and it's variants look too fragile for heavy combat IMO.
However if it would get shorter and more sturdy Pylons and Neck i could see it as a T5 light destroyer.
If Cryptic (Mr. Rivera) makes it a Fleet ship i would deny Cryptic any competence regarding Star trek.

Since the same people who say "NO" to a useful Galaxy Class in STO are here and say "YES!" to a T5 Constitution, i am afraid i have to recall my previous statement, just because i don't like the Constitution.

Seriously a 260 year old ship as a T5 ship in this game, would be the final kick into complete madness.

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