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03-01-2013, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by dontphaseme View Post
Thissler in that alpha strike vid do you fire your weapons with hotkeys?
All energy weps are still bound to my spacebar, and torpedoes are on number 3! Now you know my secret keys.

It would likely be better for me if I changed this set up. Basically there are 4 abilities I need to use in very short order once I decloak and I don't have them on easily reachable keys. By short order you can see its about three seconds. My layout hasn't evolved as my attacks have. It's still set up so I can activate wep buffs and then fire those weps with one hand, and fly using the mouse. And I normally don't dogfight all that much so that's not really a 'need to have'.

So yes, I do use keys, I do not leave autofire on nor do I use 'fire all weapons' as the attacks need to be timed.

Cheers and hope I answered the right question!

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