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03-01-2013, 06:42 AM
No particular horror stories this time though a couple of miffed moments.

KASE for the second time in the last few weeks I end up guarding the lone side in a 4-1 split (we missed the optional the first of those also but not badly) and kill the initial probes before moving on a couple of nanites (maybe the cube can't remember how quickly I spawned it) turn back to kill my 2nd set of probes and as they die I glance and there are 2 probes right on the verge of the gate... 4 of them and not 1 dealt with their initial probes (if alone on a 4-1 split you're not expected to field all probes are you?) optional lost. We won but it felt annoying (those were the only probes we let through).

On another note I've started calling rainbow captains Joseph (after all they are flying the USS Technicolour Beam Boat) in my head, and thought I'd share that silly name with the forum.