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03-01-2013, 06:56 AM
Took a break for almost half a year from the game, come back to find it just as bad as before in terms of PuGs in STFs.

Can't remember the new names as they've changed them since I last played, but the one with the two generators/gate at the starbase. Start off and we drop the cube and first 2 spheres easy enough, then everyone heads for the gate on the left...except one escort who decides to go over to the right side and Leroy Jenkins the whole thing by himself. Multiple whispers and team chat asking him WTF he's doing but he doesn't respond, just parks himself about 6k out and starts spamming cannon scatter volley.

Guy probably died 3-4 times and just kept going back and doing the same thing, then the gate starts spitting out nanite probes/spheres on both ends and it just turned into a cluster ****. Myself(Vesta) and one of the escorts had to keep running back and forth between the two sides trying to destroy all the probes/spheres and the entire STF took about 30 minutes longer than it should and of course we lost the bonus objective pretty much right at the start.

Also WTF is up with everyone "Needing" on every single friggin' drop in STFs now? Yes I'm sure you're flying your fully outfitted ship in an STF and you have to "need" on that Mk IX green console or shield that you need so badly for your end game build.