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03-01-2013, 07:01 AM
The "F" should have never been in the game, Cryptic should have just kept the "E" as the Flagship of the Fleet under Captain Data. Shon is a completely forgettable and annoying character and he is not human either which is somewhat contradictory since all the Captain's of the Enterprise have been human.

The Odyssey itself is a monstrosity that should have never been allowed into the game. Cryptic just used some random fan design as a way to generate profit and to have it better then the iconic "Star Trek" ships such as the Galaxy Class and Sovereign Class was just insulting.

Like I said, its Star Trek's dirty little mistake and thankfully, if there ever is a series of Star Trek again on the TV... this ship will be completely forgotten about and replaced with a ship that actually follows the design linage of the ships that came before it.

This is why we should never have fanboi's thinking they can design ships.