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03-01-2013, 07:02 AM
Actually I would like to have the option to remove the auto-level and introduce 'roll' movement keys.

I really don't care about doing loops or cartwheels in the game... though the devs claim the engine doesn't allow it but that is an excuse because drones and fighters DO perform loops... so my best guess is that its not allowed because the 'box' space of every space region is too small to allow a ship at full speed to do such maneuvers (height of the 'box').

... but if I could have the following commands:

Roll Left
Roll Right

and have the ship STAY in whatever rolled position I leave it in as I fly it...

well, the tactical options of ships and combat open up as one can truly use ship roll and pitch to maintain broadside rather than the autolevel system forcing you to keep turning.