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Yes. Have to agree.

I actually don't do the Romulan content because I cannot see how any Klingon in his right state of mind would agree to help the Romulans.

Beyond the main storyline arc given to Klingon players with the house of Martok and fighting off the Fek'lhri there's nothing truly Klingon. Its just the same episodic missions. Helping the Federation take back Deep Space 9 despite being at war with the Federation? Sure! We Klingons do that. Helping a bunch of Reman with honorless weapons against Romulans? Yes! Ok, at least its an excuse to kill Romulans? And now helping our old arch enemy the Romulans rebuild? What has the Empire come to?
Give Cryptics writers a chance it's already almost impossible for them to create real Star Trek like storys for the Federation, creating tuely Klingon storys must be almost impossible for them.

I don't want to troll here, really.
But as i seen them, Cryptic made the klingon faction not quite as i remember it from TV. Especially when it comes to their ships, special weapons (consoles) and culture.
Most people seem to behave more like Jem hadar, trying to kill their targets if they are capable of defending themselves or not. I know Worf said on one occasion any kill is a good kill... but for me that seems like a cheap excuse and it contradics with almost anything Klingon honor stands for....

In my opinion Klingons should celebrate Battle, honor their enemies in someway, which has something to do with fairness. Maybe every Klingon has his own interpretation of Honor.

Sorry for beeing off topic.
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