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*The Veil. Siraga watches the events.*

Siraga: For Eons I have done this, sworn not to interfere, until the Galaxy was threatened by a foe they could not defeat.

*Ryan walks up to him, the light from earlier now completely gone.*

Ryan: We both know what is coming. If they are to survive, we need to act - soon.

Siraga: We are still so few. The others have returned to their post - guardians of the other Galaxies.

Ryan: Merlin, we are nearly out of time. We stopped a leader, not an empire. We only delayed the conquest.

Siraga: I know...

But, how do we know that they will not be prepared once that ship reaches Earth?

Ryan: If DeSalle reaches Earth, Earth will burn. Preston's Republic will collapse into two camps, and this war will continue, but bloodier than ever. If the ship is stopped, there is hope.

Siraga: Hope for what? That 2 Guardians will be able to save these people from a conquering army such as the Galaxy has never seen?!

Ryan: Taraka.

Siraga: He is not here! He is studying in the Alcedon.

Ryan: He has been prepared for many years, Siraga. I made sure of it.

Siraga: The Shedai have fallen, just as my people did! The Preservers are gone, as are the Guardians of Takron! With the exception of the troops I led a century ago, there IS no one left!

Ryan: Merlin, get a hold of yourself!

We still have a chance, but it will be their battle too, just as it was a century ago.

*Siraga thinks back, remember to over 500,000 years ago; the Battle of Tin'kan, a Shedai Colony that the Iconian Empire was besieging without mercy.

Siraga and 10 other Iconians are on the planet, all in Battle Armour.*

Siraga: Steady...

*He looks ahead of him, seeing the Iconian War Machine moving towards him. A Mothership (NOTE: The design bares similarities to the present day Mothership, but looks older. Keep in mind, the Iconians Taragi leads are from a group of survivors from the Iconian exodus, who lost most of their technology and are only now back to where they were.) is landing in the distance, shooting down any Shedai fighters that try to stop it.*

(Note: the Iconian Troops are wearing armour more eccentric than Siraga's men, with blue markings and silver plating. Siraga's men are wearing white armour with no markings. They are all holding metal staffs, white with curves carved into them. The Troops are holding Antimatter Rifles)

Shedai Pilot *Over Siraga's comm-link*: We're hit! We're going down!

*Siraga deactivates his comm-link as the pilot screams.

As the Iconian Troops reach his group, he slams his staff into the ground, causing a small flash of blue energy. The troops take aim and their commander stands before him, taking aim.*

Troop Commander: Stand aside Guardian! This world is Iconian by Ancient Right!

Siraga: Yet, the Shedai are fighting and dying to protect the innocents who have lived here for millennia!

Troop Commander: Stand aside, TRAITORS!

*The troops steel their grip.*

Or we shall run you through!

*Siraga slams his staff into the ground again, harder, making the ground shake.*

Siraga *Booming voice*: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

*The troop commander tries to shoot Siraga, but Siraga just disperses it with an energy shield. Siraga then grabs the Commander, stripping him of his armour and weapons, save a small dagger, with a wave of blue energy. He then throws him to the floor.*

You think you can threaten me?! I have stood in battle against the Shadows, Commander! I was battling monsters you cannot DREAM to imagine before you were even BORN! I have walked through fields of planets so far away, and so old, that they were old when the Ancients were young!

This is not your world. LEAVE!

If you choose to persist in this futile endeavour, taking the homes of the helpless and innocent...

*The whole group then wave their hands and a blue wave of energy passes over each troop, ridding them of their armour and weapons, save a small dagger.*

Then do it with the same weaponry they have available.

*The Commander stands and look at his troops, staring at Siraga's men in awe and terror. The Commander looks back and waves a hand by his ear.*

Troop Commander: This is Platoon 5! We have encountered heavy resistance and are withdrawing from battle!

*The platoon slowly start turning back to the Mothership.*

Siraga: A wise decision, brother.

*Present Day. Siraga remembers how the Iconian War Machine ran from Tin'kan that day. Not just a tactical retreat, not just a withdrawal, but a flight of fear - and not just of Tin'kan, not just of the Shedai, not even just of his men... but of him, the Guardian who'd fought at the battle of Daneron against the Shadows thousands of years prior, in the third Shadow War, with only 100 men against legions.

He also remembered how 10 days later, the Oceans boiled and the sky burned as the ground turned to ash. His people had incinerated an entire planet, with over 20 Billion inhabitants.

He was grateful for the fractured nature of the Galaxy at this time, for were they united they'd have resources, and could design and build such weapons of war, a war so terrible that an entire planet could be considered "acceptable losses", and where a child's dream was to wake up the next day to a world where the fires of war were extinguished, and the ground was anything but ash.

Ryan looks at his old friend.*

Ryan: Siraga?

Siraga: I was remembering the Guardian-Iconian War. Unity had bought us many fruit, but it had also bore a harbinger. Weapons so terrible, the destruction of a planet was considered "acceptable".

Ryan: Earth had a similar period. We called it the "Eugenics Wars".

Two sides fought for control of our planet. The Humans, and the Augments. The humans lost at first. The more generous of the Augment dictators enslaved us, while the more ruthless had us exterminated. Entire continents burned from Nuclear Weapons.

The Augments soon started fighting amongst themselves, and unwittingly caused their own destruction.

The era afterwards was called "the Post-Atomic horror", and the standard sides of the pre-Eugenics era rose up again, before long starting to fight among themselves.

Siraga: How did you survive?

Ryan: A man named Zethram Cochrane made a decision to make himself richer, which would ultimately change the world.
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