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That's basically the gist of it. His parents were merchants. He wanted something rather different, so he signed on to Starfleet. His parents were less than pleased about him not continuing the family tradition. Now that he's marrying a Trill...well...To quote my entry, "Spot head"
Plenty of potential material to explore there if the opportunity arises, and even if it doesn't, at least you'll know what motivates Bryan Equally, it would be awesome if a future LC gives the opportunity to delve more into his past and family Marcus only ever wanted to be an engineer like his father... He only found himself in a position of command by being asked to supervise a shakedown cruise as someone with an engineering background, having worked his way to a rank suitable to command, without meaning to, rather than someone like Kirk, who actively sought command, or someone like Picard, who seized command when circumstances made him the ranking officer of a ship. Amanda, on the other hand, has always wanted her own command, so always took positions with promotions which would steadily bring her closer to that goal