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03-01-2013, 07:34 AM
Ignore these people that say you need a specific build.

You could fly a Lt. Level ship and clear most content from start to the borg front if you wanted to. What you need to do is realize the enemy you are fighting. The Romulans have powerful alpha strikes and the D'deridex is a master of control.

If you want to beat one, stay out of it's forward arc as much as possible. If you find you ARE in the forward arc with several high yield plasma torps coming your way pop those shield resist buffs and evasive maneuvers yourself to a safer distance to dispatch those torps then get back into the fray...while trying to stay out of his forward arc.

You are an escort so you can decide which side you are fighting ALL DAY. Don't listen to people spouting about you needing a specific build. It is ridiculous. You simply need to know your enemy and react accordingly.