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03-01-2013, 07:48 AM
I wish we could get some more texture options.
"Matte" and "Glossy" look too much like plastic or leather.
I think something like cloth (like TNG movie surface) would be an welcome addition.

I don'tthink that's possible but i would also want to have a bigger color palette, most of the time when you choose the same color on different parts of a uniform they look very different.
An expanded color palette would fill those gaps and give us much more possibilities to create uniforms that look less like plastic/Leather fetish/Biker stuff, lol.

This is really bothering me when trying to make some parts of a uniform in Black. Every cryptic made uniform seems to have a slightly different color palette, especially different shades of grey and Black.

What i also would like to see would be a remade or at least updated TNG (Series) uniform, the one we got looks just washed off and looks like worn 10 years without changed, lol.
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