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You need to read between the lines of what I was saying. When I said frame, I meant the shape of a ships shell. Every thing inside of a ship is modular, it can be replaced with systems and consoles and warp cores of any shape and power rating as shown with the various customization elements in game. My proof, as mentioned in earlier posts, is size. Ships smaller than the Connie refit like the Defiant, bug, and nova, are all tier 5 despite their tiny size. This means that HP, shields, and weapons are largely the result of exotic particle field work and digitization. A difference in frame will not make up for the differences in size shown to be able to use tier 5 stats. Whatever mass of armor, force fields, and weapon systems that fit within any of those smaller vessels could be put into the connie refit.
Size and tier are not at all related variables. And the notion that you can magically stuff the capabilities of one ship into another ship of completely different dimensions is again, ludicrous. If it were true, why bother creating new designs at all?

Are you implying the constitution class didn't work? It was the ship class with the longest confirmed existing flagship status in star fleet history. It stayed at the top of the food chain longer than any other enterprise. I'm not saying it should tank better than a Sovereign, but there is a role for tier 5 light cruises in combat.

1) The U.S.S. Constitution is still in active service with the US Navy. She's still seaworthy. Should we replace our entire fleet with ships based on her design because she's been in service for nearly two and a half centuries?

2) You're absolutely right about the highlighted portion. That role however, does not equate to a justification for using an incredibly outdated design when modern, superior, designs exist.