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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
We've done shuttles too, that's nutty. We've also done 5-10 shuttles vs. one guy in his T5 ship. Actually managed to bring down an Armitage 3 times with 6 shuttles before he racked up 15 kills, lol.
This would be ridiculously fun. I'm imagining getting a fleet of 15-20 shuttles and trying to take down something ludicrous like a D'deridex warbird. We'd get slaughtered, but damn would it be a blast.

Same with the old Connie. If it's not a viable use for end game play, it would be fun to bring her out for low level mission, maybe Foundry stuff, if not fleet actions. It would be great to play the Doomsday Machine episode in one, but again, I'm not going to spend the money for something frivolous like that.

Side note: never looked at the Exeter, I'll have to check it out.
(Edit) NM, I missed that the Fleet Exeter was a suggestion, not an actual ship you could get.

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