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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I think a Fleet Exeter, at T5 would satisfy everyone. I say T5 because it would give lip service to keeeping them a rare and valuable prize while in reality allowing easy access to anyone that wanted them.

As far as the original connie goes... I would propose ship costumes for all modern ships, but using the TOS "look". More hard geometric shapes, all white, and with actual dishes as deflectors.
I'll be quite honest here: While I would love to see and use a Connie-style Cruiser in the T5 Range. I Would be against it being a Fleet Ship!

I would rather see a Connie that has less Hull than any other T5 Cruiser, but more than most of the Escorts. I would also like to see it as a C-Store, Account Unlocked available ship in the $20-25 range. Oh, wait... I already tried starting a thread about something like that. And lookie here, this thread is going in a similar direction as that one. Wow, who knew...

Bottom line, for me, is this: I would like to have reasonable access and opportunity to use a proper Connie-Styled Ship in Upper Tier Content. I feel that there are a good number of players who would like that as well.

Thank you for the time...
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