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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Which are equally as ridiculous, especially given the current in-game situation where older ships are outperforming newer ones (see Galaxy vs. Excel/Ambassador). But Cryptic is too cheap, or too lazy, to actually create new Klingon ships to fill the vacuum, which makes the D7/B'Rel inclusion a smidge more tolerable.

See above for B'Rel, Excelsior and D7. In addition, the Kumari is not the 22nd century design. The Cheyenne and Galaxy are mid/late 24th century designs. A few decades is a far cry from pushing two hundred years.
The point is, and what you already admit, is that the ship's already sailed. It sailed when we could get a 120 year old Excelsior as a Tier 5. Heck, it sailed when Starfleet trucked out 80 year old Excels and Mirandas at Wolf 359. The only thing holding back a Tier 5 Constitution / Exeter is CBS's notion on keeping 1701 and 1701-A beholden to nostalgia or whatever, nevermind that every other 1701 from B to F and a good deal of 1701's nemesii are available at Tier 5.